We divide our curriculum into these levels:


  • To experience the many sounds of the mandolin while learning to handle the instrument and pick correctly.
  • To have fun with rhythms.

Nestling to Hatchlings

  • To identify, read and play on open strings and become comfortable with pick control.
  • To have more fun with rhythms.


  • To become adept at using the left hand.
  • To improve reading and memorizing first position music and to start building a repertoire.
  • To learn rest and free strokes.
  • To have fun with ear training and agility.


  • To learn versatility with more pick strokes; glides on both up and down, up-picking, arpeggiating chords and a variety of down and up stroke combinations to produce various effects (smooth, bouncy, rhythmic sounds etc)
  • To do more agility work and to learn 1st through 5th positions.

After completing these levels students will be ready to use established mandolin literature

The Mando for Kids Curriculum will be available to all who wish to establish a  Mando for Kids program.